First Post.Yes this is my first post in a webspace.Whenever we are about to start-off something,there happens little confusions within us.I am undergoing such confusions now.I am not a good writer.But I wish to write.I dont have much wordly wisdom,still I wish to write.Gone are the days of penning down our thoughts.So I thought of writing on a webspace.Thanx to the technology,especially Google’s Blogger facility for helping me in that.


I was a guy who always thought to be within my life and doesnt wanted to care about the things happening around me.But now I thought of changing my ideology a bit.My Heartful thanx to Jyothi Sreedhar,whose posts in facebook and blogger inspired me a lot and this blog is a result of that.I also want to express my views about the matters I like and I hate.


The above picture is one of my favourite clicks which I had taken.I am not a professional photographer or so,still this click sometimes gives me an energy which tells me “Yes,You have it in you”.So,coming days I will be doing this unknown bussiness to me,writing.Let me see how good I am at it.

2 thoughts on “FIRST POST

  1. I sincerely hope your blogs won’t be a torture to the readers. With your limited knowledge, I think you will inspire each and every reader to be confident of their own abilities. I mean, they will realise that they are not as bad as you.

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