From the pleasurable feel given by sleep I always find it difficult to wake up to a new morning.This is why my mom always call  me as lazy.But since I joined my college I haven’t had those pleasurable long sleeps which I used to enjoy.My college is at the Kerala-Tamilnadu border which is about a 2hour travel from my home.

Guess what took me to there,my marks in Maths.I could manage only a 48 for my maths paper at my 12th standard finals.And my parents were so stern about having a professional degree holder in the family.Thats how I ended up in that college.Thanx to the Tamilnadu Government regulations of engineering admissions, else I would had to repeat a year on my maths.


But after joining Engineering too this villain of my life is still following me.Yes,my arrear list still has a maths which is not at all in terms with me.But to complete my degree anyways I have to flush it out this year.

So, I thought of beginning it by paying a homage to the great Indian Mathematician,Shakunatala Devi.Today is this great wizard’s 84th birth anniversary.I know this personality from the cover photos of my 4th and 5th grade text books.


Shankuntala Devi was born in Karnataka to an Orthodox Hindu Brahmin family. Her ability to memorize and calculate the numbers was discovered by her father when she was only 3.She possessed this ability without having formal education(wish I had that ability too 😦 ).
Besides a mathematician,she was an astrologer and also has authored many books.
She passed away on 21st April 2013.

India has contributed many geniuses to the World. Shankuntala Devi is one among the top in that list. 

Bowing my head before this Maths Wizard, let me step into my Maths section.

Wishing all a wonderful day 🙂

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