The year 1991 is special to me in two ways.First,that was the year I was born into this World.Second,that was the year when this man of the above photograph,Mr.J C Daniel,was recognized as the father of Malayalam Cinema.Now you might be thinking what is so special in that for me.I have a strong passion for cinema from my childhood.Now doesnt that make the year 1991 a special one for me in the second way?


Joseph Chellaya Daniel Nadar aka J C Daniel was born on 28th November 1900 at Agastheeswaram Taluk of the then Travancore City.I need not want to elaborate the life of this personality because you all might have been through that from the 2013 movie CELLULOID.It was on this date,Nov 7th 1928,that his movie Vigathakumaran was first screened at the Capitol Theatre,Trivandrum.It was from this date,this man’s life changed into a miserable one,and all he did was,marked a start for the Mollywood Industry.1929 he was awarded with Public Mirror Prize for his film Vigathakumaran.


After a lot of ingnorance Vigathakumaran was considered as the first Malayalam movie and J C Daniel as the father of Malayalam Cinema on 1991.Now,there comes a news that still there are some plans being formulated to celebrate the 75th year of Malayalam Cinema by considering Balan as the first Malayalam Movie alongside the 100th year Celebrations of Indian Cinema(Source : Mathrubhumi Newspaper,7th Nov 2013).If so all I want to say is that,Indias First sound film is Alam Ara which was released on 1931,and the 100th year celebrations of Indian Cinema is by considering 1913 Indian Silent Film,Raja Harishchandra,by Dadasaheb Phalke,as the first Indian Movie.So,the authorities concerned,just realize that we are on the 85th year of Malayalam Cinema and not 75th.

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