Whether it is exams or not,I cant refrain from writing if some thoughts do disturb me even for a minute.This weird thought developed in me due to some of the happenings around me recently,that the world around us never need the facts and instead need only proofs for the facts.Yes,that is also another fact,for which you might have raised a question of “HOW” in your mind,which means here also a demand for proof has come.Let me prove it for you.


Take the case of your parents.Your parents just need you to live your life happily.And you,being a loyal son/daughter,doesn’t want your parents to be sad and pretend as happy in front of them,despite of all your workloads and pressures.And they become happy without even thinking whether are you really being happy or not.Yes,which means just pretend or in other words just prove your parents that you are happy,the story there gets over.


Take the case of your wife.After delivering your child,she might have this “Does he love me now as of the beginning?? “ question within her.Again all you need is to just prove that you do.While having shopping and all,just stop glancing at the ladies who are more beautiful and younger than your wife.Also don’t forget to address her with those usual  “മോളു,ചക്കരെ,മുത്തേ ” calls.Then its also done,she  starts believing that you still love her as of the beginning,without even thinking whether you actually do care for her atleast.


Finally,take your own case. Your son/daughter comes to you with a progress report of 99% marks you start to believe that he/she is very brilliant in studies. In the movie 3 Idiots,Aamir Khan describes clearly what is the difference between “well trained” and “well educated” students. You don’t even care whether he/she is of a well trained or a well educated clan of students.You just need the progress report,the proof,of your son/daughter to have that 99 always printed on it,for which they mug up something and attend the exams


Concluding I just wanted to say that,some or the other way,you and the people around you just need only proofs.And by providing such untrusty proofs,we all turn out to be frauds.By posting this,now I have also become a fraud.


World today demands for frauds.So enjoy being one among them. 🙂


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