India v South Africa: Group B - 2011 ICC World Cup

This title was the Facebook status of one among my friends yesterday (16 Nov 2013).How do you feel after reading that?What do you feel after reading that?.The same I felt yesterday after I read that.Then I realized it is not sadness,it is something beyond that,a feeling,called SACHIN.I am not an avid cricket lover or even a good cricket player.So,I am not at all the right person to talk something about Sachin.Still,I belong to a country where cricket is a religion and Sachin…..

There is one similarity between me and Sachin.Sachin was introduced to cricket by his brother and me also was introduced to cricket by my brother (feeling proud,atleast one similarity with the god).It was around the start of the 2000,that I heard this name for the first, Sachin.As I said earlier,my brother was the man who taught me how to play cricket.He and his gang of friends,along with me,at those times,would bunk the classes and come back to our home which had a large verandha,which they named as The Eden Gardens.Those days my dad was working abroad and the house will be desolated after Mom leaves for work.

Normally,my brother will be the first to reach home after college,so he would have the key of the house with which we all enter the home and start playing cricket.I was their ball picker.One day when ball went out of our Eden Gardens to the nearby road.When I went for picking that,there were some trade union workers,standing by the road,and they asked me “ആരാടെ അവിടെ ബാറ്റിംഗ് ?സജിൻ ആണോ?? “.I returned and asked my bro and his friends who is this സജിൻ ?.Then they told me that it was actually  സച്ചിൻ,they meant to say.Then on that name became familiar to me.

Something that is born,has to die one day.Something that has begun,will have to end one day.These are Cosmic Laws,which are usually very hurting ones.But this time it was quite more hurting,for the whole world.Once all said,there is a Sachin after Bradman.Now we have to say,there was a Sachin after Bradman.The question now is,will there be a successor for Sachin in Cricket??!!

Cricket is the Gentleman’s Game,and Sachin,you just lived it.

Thank You Sachin 😥


  1. That sentence of Sachin being a former Indian cricketer appeared first on Wikipedia at 1 P.M yesterday. This blog of you makes much sense than your tweets for digigraphs. Talking of comparison between you and Sachin, both of you may have been introduced to cricket by brothers, but he had a genuine talent and interest for cricket whereas you had to be persuaded and lured to play. Offers of chocobars, sipups, cakes and whatever.

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