Someday, somewhere in my past, I had a dream of becoming a writer. That day morning I sat with a paper and pen, not knowing what to write. I searched all around for a subject to write. It was the time, Capt.R.Harshan, an alumni of my school,was dead, fighting militants. I wrote an article about him for my school magazine.The magazine publishing committee head,my English teacher,called me and asked me to rewrite the article and I did as what he said.I was very happy ,thinking that my article has got selected to be published in the school magazine,for which he had asked me rewrite it.But I couldn’t find it in the magazine when it was published. When enquired, my teacher simply said “Oops,I am sorry,I misplaced it somewhere and lost it.” I cant recollect now,whether he had a sorry face while he said this to me.But later,I understood that School Magazines are something that highlights the quality of education provided by the school and it must contain the articles of ‘High Class English’.My article,with my limited wordly wisdom in the language,was not such a type. So I gave up that dream.


It was during my 3rd semester college days,that same dream of mine again came to me.This time another article,but with the same level of English.Maybe because I was the blue eyed boy (at those times) of our HOD,who was the Publishing committee head,my article was published in the College Magazine.Very sadly, I realized that most portion of my article was edited off.But I didn’t ask about that to anyone.”ദാനം കിട്ടിയ പശുവിന്റെ വായിലെ പല്ലെനരുത് എന്നല്ലേ .”I was happy,but also was sad at the same time.


It was around that time,I was introduced to this lady,Jyothi Sreedhar,from a shared facebook status of her’s by one of my friends.It was some political issue related status,I dont remember it clearly,but it had a lot number of likes and shares.First I thought it’s a status by a lady and that’s why it got so many likes.Facebook is a place where a simple ‘hi’ of a beautiful lady gets thousand likes within a minute of the update.Giving it a second thought,the number of shares meant there is something in that status update.So,I read it and thought,Who is she? She has very clearly spoken against a particular political group.She might be a filmstar or so.Else how will she get these many shares for a status update that was against a political group.I asked my friend,who works as an RJ in a reputed FM station and she said don’t know about such a person.Then I asked the same question her itself and her reply was “Never… may be that I take up social things, or rather things which I see around. Some people will have similar thought and share it. Thats the only reason.”


Then I started following her statuses continuously and came to know that she is a blogger.When I entered her blog,I was wonderstruck and understood that,she is not a mere lady.”A Pen in the Clouds” is the title she has given for her blog.When we go through her blog,we could see her educational qualifications and career line.I am damn sure after going through that you will definitely ask yourself “29 വയസിനുള്ളിൽ ഒരാൾക്ക് ഇത്രയും ഒക്കെ ചെയ്യാൻ പറ്റുമോ ?”.Because I asked that myself.While going through her blogs,I got an enlightenment.She writes whatever she wishes to write.Why not I also start a blog like she did.There wont be anyone to make fun of my English,there wont be anyone to edit off my writings.And thus I started this blog,inspired from her.


Films are my passion.I wish to become a quality a filmmaker one day.As a preface to that I decided to make a short film,as every college student does now.But the story for the short film demanded a high budget which I or my friends couldn’t afford.I approached her for help and she,without even knowing me that personally,told that she will try to help us in finding a producer. For our bad luck she couldn’t find anyone in her friends circle. Still we are happy and grateful to her for taking such an effort for us.I thought when I take a short film I must surely send her the link.(pullikaariku kure followers unde,so oru publicity-um aakumallo).But later I refrained from that thought,not because I didn’t take any short film,but because I understood that “ആ പരിപ്പ് ഈ വെള്ളത്തിൽ വേവില്ല ”.

Now you might be thinking why actually I am writing a blog about her.Aah…um…oops! I too forgot about that..Ah..yes got it..got it !… Today she has launched her personal website where all can access to her writings.All her prose and poems are available there.A new endeavour by her in the Cyber world.


Here are the links to her pages:
Website : http://www.jyothysreedhar.com/

A person like her, doesn’t need any sort of publicity for her writings from a boy like me, who owns a blog with minimal followers. So please don’t consider this writing for that purpose.


Sis,this writing is completely dedicated to you,for keep on inspiring me through your writings.May your Pen In The Clouds,shower huge rain of words,that will keep on Inspiring a lot more people like me,for a looooooooooooooooooo…….ong time.



PS : these are words from a loyal mind,not മണിയടികല്സ്  😛 J


  1. Really great….keep going and keep growing Jo… There are many in your page who love to write this , but cant write coz dont know how to write….you are so talented and blessed with skills to be admired….

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