Every day, when I wake up, look through my window to see people in a hurry to meet their  busy schedules. That’s what I thought, a life being busy for a worthless meaning. As far as I am concerned, life is the time between a morning and a night within the four walled room, notebook, mobile and my graduation text books. I am aware, that in the near future, I shall also be part of this co-operate world, replacing my graduation text books with the work files and the boredom of solitude with concerns of the people around.

My attention was always towards the walls of my room, that I didn’t even see the door that led outside. It was at this time, a right person entered the room and showed me the door, that was always open for me. The person asked me to go out and observe the World and I did. I used my eyes for the first time. I observed everything happening around. I used my ears. I listened, from the tiniest rustle of leaves to the horns of Vehicles. I felt as if the world itself has slowed down for me. And I had a strange feeling of the World talking to me.

“ Life is not fast moving and busy one. It’s you who are making it so. Observe the lives around you. You’ll find life an easy and enjoyable one. Choice is yours.”

The choice is ours; Whether to be in the room or Come out of it and enjoy living.


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