Happiness and Freedom


Today, while sitting in my balcony and enjoying a drizzle, I observed a group of stray dogs running through the streets outside my home. Amongst them there was a dog, whose head was stuck inside a pipe. It couldn’t open its mouth. It has been in this condition since two years. I don’t know how it managed to survive this long without opening its mouth. I kept observing the dogs and found that, in a group it seems to be jovial, playing and enjoying with its companions. Still, in between, it is trying to get the pipe out of its head.

 ‘ Why does it want to get the pipe out from its head? Although it can’t open its mouth, it is somehow managing to survive and also seems to be happy. Then why?’

Most of us are in the same condition as that of the dog, head inside a pipe. We are happy with what we get and we too somehow manage to survive. But, we don’t live our life. We live for our parents, we live for our society, we live for our boss and we never live for ourselves. We all are born free, still wound by some virtual chains. We never want to break those chains or never do we try for it and if we try, then we would stand alone in the crowd and everyone will point their fingers on us.

By breaking those chains all we wish for is freedom. And for achieving that freedom, only one on earth could help you… YOU. You are strong enough to break all those chains around you. But you won’t, because you feel a sort of commitment to those chains.

Some people in our life provide us all the things we wished for and make us happy. Thereby, we will have a commitment to them. But what if they deny our freedom. They provide us everything we want except freedom. We are happy with them still unhappy. Happiness is not freedom.

Freedom can’t come from happiness, but, Happiness can come from freedom. So, throw away those temporary happiness  they provide you and throw away those commitments, break the chains. Think, whether the pipe still has to be in your head or want to get it out. Don’t give up on your freedom for your happiness, coz,

Happiness is Ephemeral
Freedom is Eternal.



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