Watch Your Income!!


Most among us, expect for a job which consist of less effort and more income. That’s why everyday somewhere someone gets cheated or some sort of forgery does happen.

“What we Sow is

What we Reap.”

We earn for the effort that we’ve had put. In today’s, cunning and ” I want to be a millionaire” world, no one would be willing to pay a penny more, for our effort, rather trying to deduce it.

So, let this be a lesson, if at some point, you find your income is higher compared to the effort you’ve put, then there will always be, something fishy behind it.

Stay away from being played. Stay Happy. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Watch Your Income!!

  1. Money, most desired by the all humans. Will do anything and go to any extend to get hold of the currency. Never think about the real need for money or even to give away to the needy after your needs are satisfied. Just make money that’s all. At the same time there are those who don’t want to pay you for your work, but to keep you always underpaid. Anyway such undesirable experiences have had a place in my life, really good attempt, keep going.

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