What Is Love


One day, one of my friends seemed very happy. I asked him what was the reason

 he said,

he managed to get laid with his girlfriend and has captured it in his mobile.

“Dude, she is your girlfriend” I was shocked

“Not anymore”  he replied without a regret

I was taken back a year, when the same guy came up to me, depressed, saying that the girl did not accept his proposal and also saying that she is not realizing his true love for her.

Is this what love is all about? Getting laid with girlfriend and its all over ? What  is then Love actually?

My mind was going through such questions when my girlfriend rang me up. I answered the call and asked her,

“What is love?”

She asked, ” Why do you ask this now?”


“Just say, What is Love?”

She paused for a second and said,




4 thoughts on “What Is Love

  1. Well well well, Love has long lost its meaning for most of them. Love has more or less become like what your friend said. Unfortunately many of the youngsters often confuse between love and infatuation. Should have a real human heart to make a difference between when you are in love and when you are just attracted. This is the present world face it !

    • Yeah. This is very much the situation we currently see around. Yes most of the youngsters confuse infatuation with love and that leads to many problems from which I mentioned one above. They don’t even understand the real feeling of love. And at the end of the day Love is all about sex. Ryt! *sad*

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