First Kiss


I wanted to frame the beauty of sea during a drizzle. But when I reached there the drizzle had subsided. So, I took some photos of the beach side and waves, and planned to return home.

Then I saw a couple walking through the beach side,holding their hands.The waves kept touching their feet when they walked. It was then I was awaken to a realization that, this is the same place where my first kiss did happen. First Kiss…


We walked through the beach-side for a long time till she said ‘Lets sit somewhere’.

Sun was shining. We found a boat kept ashore,and some shade under it. Sitting in that shade I felt each breeze that passed me had a special fragrance that day. Fragrance of her, a heavenly one. I sat close to her, looking at her face. She looked away from me. Then again looked at me.

A moment then, I took her face in my hands. Else what happened was like a dream. The next thing I remember is she smiling at me and I found it difficult to face her. ‘Ey…That’s okay’ said she. Still that was hard. She then, all of a sudden gave a peck on my cheek. We both smiled each other.


I went to see that old spot. Now, she is not with me.The boat was also not there.

Sea had advanced more and had taken that spot, saying to me

“Its time, to wash off those memories…”



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