Lesson By the Heights


In the near past, I visited my cousin’s home, which was at a hill-station area. The main objective of me going there was to take photographs of the place, as now my interest towards photography is something that could not be compared to anything in the world.

When he, my cousin, came across about it, took me to the top of a hill, with a huge rock in it. All I had with me was my Camera. I took some snaps of city.Then my cousin said, if we get on to the top of the rock we would get the aerial view of the city fully. And together we climbed the rock.

I got some beautiful views of the city. Then, all of a sudden it started raining. My cousin got down of the rock very easily and found a cover. But me, being less experienced in climbing up and down of rocks, got drenched in the rain and finally when I reached that same cover,the rain had subsided.

This incident gave me a very important lesson of life,which I wish to share.

We all aspire to scale greater heights in our lives. Its good. But, when we reach those heights that we aspired for, always be prepared to face the problems there. Else, we will have to get down from those heights and by the time we do that, we will be completely ‘drenched’ by those problems.

So, Aspire for the Heights,also be Prepared at the Heights.


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