The Bottle Story


Two days back I and my friends had a small get together and had a blasting day.Evening, when we all left for our homes,this friend of mine,Mahadevan,was with me.

We both boarded the bus and managed to occupy our seats.There was a bottle,partially filled, on the floor of bus, which was moving back and forth,by the movement and brakes of the bus.

Then, Mahadevan asked me

‘You used to write blog posts,right? I saw some of them.’
I was very happy that, atleast one in my friends’ circle is going through rubbish I scribble.

He pointed me the bottle and asked, ‘Could you write something on that bottle?’
Now, what to write about a bottle, that is carelessly disposed inside a bus?

Then he said, “Everyone in this bus, can see that bottle.But no one cares about taking it and keeping it aside.If someone stamps on that bottle,and some mishaps happen,then everyone think , ‘ If I had taken and kept aside,this would not have happened’ “.

Saying this he himself took that bottle and kept it.

This is what happens in our life too. We all see the problems in front of our eyes. But we don’t care about it, unless it happens to someone or,in most case,to us itself. The thought that comes in our mind when we are ought to do something like that is, “Why should I?”. Then we will repent on it when it happens.

The whole idea,which I wish to say through this long article is that same line said by Gandhiji, ” Be the Change,you want”.


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