The Last Page of a Girl’s Diary



18 September,

As usual, I had classes today.
It was Heisenberg who was bothering me today. How come he did his findings on such a boring subject,Chemistry. When I was thinking of this, peon came to our class and said something to Ramdas sir. Ramdas sir then called out my name and asked me to take up my bag and leave the class as I was wanted by the Principal.

I went to Principal’s room. My uncle was there in that room with him. He came there to take me home. Something serious had happened at my home. Throughout the way home I asked my uncle what’s the matter and he did not reply. I guessed its my father, he have a history of cardiac arrest. 

Tomorrow, 19th September is my 17th birthday and today 18th September is going to be my father’s death day.Thinking of this my eyes was filled with tears. When I reached home I saw many chappals outside and many unknown faces inside. I ran inside to the kitchen to see my mother. To my surprise, father was also there with mother, perfectly alright. I asked him what’s going on here.

He then,said its my marriage decision that’s being happening there. They’ve settled everything and day after tomorrow will be my marriage.

It may seem funny to some of you, as I did feel at first. But later it turned out to be a shock that haven’t left me till now.

With a small happiness and pain I realized, its not my father, its my dreams that is dead today.

This is the last page of my diary. 
Because I am dead today. For my dreams, are nothing but myself.


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