Look What You Did !!!!



He was hiding behind a building in the street, with an iron rod in his hand, waiting for the man to arrive.

After a while, the man appeared at the street.

His hand holding the iron rod was shivering a little. There was fight going in his thoughts.

” Do I really wanna do it? I am not sure of it.”

” Why are you not?? 
   Look into yourself.
   Look what he did to you.
   Look what you’re now.
   He took away everything from you…your dreams…your happiness…your peace…your smile.”

The man arrived near the building and there was no second thoughts for him again,he swung the rod.The man fell on the floor and was rolling of the skull breaking pain.

He looked at the man and bellowed, ” Look What you Did to me!!!!! “

The man dead, and he laughed at his dead body dreadfully. The dead body lying there was HIM.

He walked away from the dead body. Then he saw another him, standing in front of him, with an iron rod.

He said to him,



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