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” Why do you love him?? “

” Because he loves me more than his life and I can feel his love for me.” This was her reply to anyone who asked her that question. She was very proud in introducing him as her boyfriend to anyone.

Maybe because of this pride, that she decided to introduce him to her parents.She called him to say this. He picked the call and without letting her speak he asked her,

” Are you ready for a protest? “

“What? What do you mean? ” she asked.

” There’s a protest being planned at Marine Drive on November 2nd against moral policing. Are you ready to join the protest?”

” Well if you say ,…yeah…what kind of protest? “

“Its just nothing….you will have to give me a kiss in public.”

“WHAT???!!!” her eyes bulged out.

“Oh no don’t worry…there will be many like us.”


“What!!…its just a kiss, that too for me, your love.” He insisted her a lot and finally his games payed off and she agreed.

‘After all its just a kiss to my love, what’s so wrong in that’ , she thought.

Finally on 2nd November they both joined that group which gathered at Marine Drive for KISS OF LOVE.

Both of them were getting excited.

Then all of a sudden, the villains arrived. Police…. and they charged on the group there. Everyone ran off from getting beaten away from the Police.

She stood where she was and got arrested by Police.

Through that grilled window of the Police Van, she saw her ‘Love’ running away from Police as if he was running for his life, without even paying a heed for her.

Next day she was bailed out from the Police Station by her Father. She didn’t see her ‘Love’ anywhere near there.

She hugged her Father and then burst out into tears. Her Father held her close to him.

” Its okay dear, calm down. Dad is there na with you now. Calm down” Said her father.
” I am sorry dad” said she.

Her Father then wiped her tears and gave a kiss on her forehead.

A Kiss Of Love.



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