The Birthday Boy


That day was his birthday. But it had no difference from other days of his life.

His life had already turned into a monotonous one. Home to Office and back. He never knew days passing by. He routine has taken away him from the definitions of human being and has put in the class of machines. But he had no regrets of his monotonous life. After all, machines don’t have feelings,right?

And from his machine memory he recollected that its his birthday. Don’t know what was it, but he was happy that day and decided to celebrate his birthday (maybe, his boss must have given him a shake hand in appreciation to his dedication to work).

So that evening he went to a park to celebrate his birthday, all alone. He started celebrating by buying an Ice-cream. While he was walking through the streets to the park, enjoying his Ice-cream, a car just passed him off too fast. He was looking at the car’s speed and walking, when all of a sudden he collided with some pedestrian. His Ice-cream fell down.

The man said, ” Oh I am sorry.”

” No no. Don’t be, It was my mistake actually.” He replied.

” I spoiled your birthday celebration.” said the man.

“That’s okay. It was not such a celebration or something. Actually I don’t celebrate my birthdays.”

“That’s a big mistake. You’ve to celebrate your birthdays. Who knows will there be a next birthday or not. In my opinion not only Birthday, we have to celebrate every day, every moment of our life, because what happens next is some mystery. So Celebrate Living. Today I just collided with you. Next time I may take you with me. Take care son.”

He stood there in an astonishment as well as confused state. His machine mind realized that he is a Human made of flesh and bones and thought about all his life these days. There was no enjoyment. There was no smile on him. There was no life on him. He just existed these days.

All of a sudden he woke up from thoughts and called out for that man.

“Hey, who are you and…’d you know that its my birthday today.”

The man smiled and said, ” I take only one question”

He asked, ” Who are you? “

The man replied, ” Death”.




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