Evolution and Separation


“After the long separation of 28 years, today, I am going back to see my wife, to that store where we met, to that store where we shared our love, to that store where we got married. You can’t imagine how much happy I am today and its beyond words.

Sorry, in that excitement of meeting her I forgot to introduce me. I maybe unfamiliar to most of you. I am a Rotary Dial Telephone. I think you’ve got some idea of me now. Yeah, that same Telephone in which you will rotate the numbers for dialling.

I know, new generation kids won’t get me. Don’t worry, I am a celebrity, you can Google me. My wife also is a Rotary Dial Telephone. Now you’ll ask, how can that be possible, how can we both be the same? Yes, we both are the same. She is just like me. She has every characteristics of mine. That’s why we fell in love at our first encounter itself.

Although everything is same in us, she has one thing different from me, Color. She is light blue and I am black, that’s why I look so ‘hot’. Ha ha, I know I am exaggerating too much. Please don’t mind, its because of the overwhelming happiness inside me.

We both lived happily as a family inside that store of the BSNL office in Nedumangad. It was then Mr.Nair applied for a telephone connection to his home. BSNL staff randomly chose me for Mr.Nair. And I was taken away from my wife. I still remember that last glance I had of her. There was some dust on her dial ring and on her light blue body.She was trying hard to lift her handle herself,so that she could hold me close to her. But couldn’t and I was taken away from her.

In Mr.Nair’s house I was a wonder for all. Not only for the family,but also for the people around Nair’s house. Mr. Nair had two sons and for them I was a toy. The way they both tortured me, I can’t even think of it. But I loved them, they both were very cute.Seeing both Mr and Mrs.Nair’s care for both the kids and that happiness they have because of their kids, I always thought, that how fortunate these humans are, in having kids.

Mrs.Nair always reminded me about my wife. How’ll be she there in that store now? That store had no light in it. Once when I complained on it, my wife asked me, what’s the need of an other light when we both are there as lamps for each other. Oh she’s very romantic, and when she becomes romantic she speaks as that of some great human poet. I wanted to go back to her, I wanted to be her lamp again, I wanted to sit by her side with our handle wires tangled.

After some years, Mr. Nair replaced me with a Dial Pad phone. I was so happy that, I heard Mr.Nair saying that I had to be taken back to the store. And ofcourse, I was taken to the store. Not to the BSNL store, but to the store room of Mr.Nair’s home. Its very small room compared to that of the store in BSNL office. And that store was my home for all these years. I have become Yellow in color due to the dust in that room. And no one cared of cleaning me.

Today morning an young guy took me off from that store and started to clean me. I wondered who was he, because I have never seen him in that family.After sometime, to my astonishment, I understood it was that younger kid of Mr.Nair. Oh god, how has he changed. He has now grown up to a fine young man. Mrs.Nair has now some sort of foldings in her face and her hairs have completely turned to white. I wondered why Mr.Nair is simply sitting on that square block in the wall, smiling all the time and not coming out of it.

I also wondered why this Young Nair is cleaning me all of a sudden this day. Then I came to know, that a lot had happened these years. Like humans had kids, we also now have our next generation. They’re called as Mobiles. Mrs.Nair had planned to cancel the BSNL connection, as everyone in the family now has a mobile phone. And for cancelling the connection BSNL staffs are demanding me back. That’s why all these cleanings happened.

I saw a Mobile phone in the pocket of the Young Nair. He is so small and also cute to see, like the Young Nair was, years ago. He had no wires like I had, and that really astonished me. No wires, No handle, he’s a wonder baby. Humans have their next generations with the same physical attributes,but in our case, they’re entirely different. I wonder how my kid will look like. 

Now that I am going back to the store at BSNL office, back to my wife, I can also have kids then, right? I am excited. Not on having kids, but on meeting my wife. Has her skin also got folded like that of Mrs.Nair? Has her color remains the same or has it got faded? Oh, I’ve lost my patience waiting in this table. Somebody take me to the store pleaseeeeeeee. These Govt. staffs, they’re such a sloths.

I think they heard me. Here comes one. Yeah he’s taking me to the store, come with me I’ll make you meet my Wife,come.

See, haven’t I told you it’ll be so dusty here. What all changes have happened in here, we were not dumped like those phones over there, we were kept arranged at those times.

Hmm….Let me give a loud ring for her. Oh god I think she’ll die of shock, in hearing my ring, ha ha. And you, see the moment I stop my first ring, she’ll respond.See.



Wait, now she’ll respond.


mmm?? I think she haven’t heard me.



He kept on Ringing for his wife, who won’t respond him back.

He kept on Ringing for his wife, without knowing that, the next day he’s also going to face that same fate, that she had faced.

He kept on Ringing…….




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