Yes! A word with no Letters in it. Could you tell that word?

Seems a weird question. Right?

But you do have an answer for it. You are not getting it, because your thought processes are very complex these days.

The question on the top is a very simple one. Still you couldn’t find the answer for it and that’s because you approached the question as a Genius. And that’s why you didn’t get the answer for it.

In our day to day life too, we encounter such problems which seems unsolvable prima facie. But the reality is that, you do have solutions to such problems within you. What you have to do is, to ask the genius in you to Keep Quiet for some time and then think of the solution. You’ll surely crack it.

Life, is not complex. It is we who make it so. At times, it is better not to be a Genius.

By the way, the question here was :
” Give a word with no Letters in it.”
The answer is, Postbox.

Yep πŸ˜€ . Who cares in sending letters these days πŸ˜›


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