Practice- it must be a keyword that we all have to follow in our life. If time allows then please take a stroll through this entire blog of mine. You could see that there was a time when I used to write on a daily basis. But over a period of you could also see my frequency of blogging has come down. Along with that, you could also find the diminishing quality in my writings. Now why does this happen, we all know, lack of practice.
To excel in anything that we wish for, a regular practice needs to be there without which we could never achieve the expected results. Then we ourselves will start judging us, ‘It’s not for you’. Definitely, if you can’t spend at least fifteen minutes a day on the thing that you wish to achieve, then definitely it’s not for you.

Perseverance- the word that the great Indian visionary Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam used to stress on all his speeches. For every action, there will be a reaction and there must be because it is a universal fact. So when we are on to something, then definitely there will be some other thing that will be forcing us to stop doing it. Because the universe only wants the best and to pick up the best it will put us through some tests. If we give up at the first sight of an obstacle in our path, then never will we reach our destination. When we start practising on achieving our goals definitely there will be hitches. Observe those hitches and the solution that you have come up with, for the same.

Perfection- the result of both Practise and Perseverance. P+P=P.

So, please keep on practising on your thing with great perseverance.

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