That night I gazed at Her for a long time. Diffident She, then put on that black Veil over Her. "You're more becoming now.", said I. She hid herself behind the Leaves. The Demure Orb of Night. ~Abhy~


This is a Painting, by the one and only Artist, to whom we all bow everyday.There happened to be many such Paintings by Him. What makes me delighted, is the fact that, we all are bestowed by Him, to Live inside those Beautiful Frames by Him. ~Abhy~


She was that Poem Penned by the Writer I loved to Read That turned me, a Reciter. She was that Painting Painted by the Artist That kept me Smiling Even at the darkest. She was that Carving Carved by the Sculptor That brought me the feeling Of, World is a Cluster. I was Cheery For … Continue reading A SEARCH FOR HER