Yeah, It Is Confusing


“Your son is finding a great difficulty with numbers.”

Said little Dave’s teacher to his mother. “So, it would be fine, if some sort of extra coaching is given for him on numbers.”

Dave’s mom took the challenge and decided to teach him numbers by herself.

“Mom what’s meant by half of one?” asked Dave one day.

For a better explanation, Dave’s Mom brought an apple in front of him and cut it by half.
“See dear, there was one apple and now mama had cut it by half. This is what half of one means.”

Dave, astonishingly looked at the apple, “So, this is what half of one means. Half of One Apple is two Apples. So half of One is Two….ryt Mama?”

Dave’s Mom stood there speechless, confused and thought “ I cut the apple by half and there are two apples now. How is that possible? …Still… “

This is what Life is all about. We all do have a very confusing life. So it is better not to explain it to anyone and get ourselves confused. Just live your life and enjoy living.

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